To begin, log in to your Freshdesk account (

1. Once you log in, click on 'admin' from the menu bar

2. Click on 'Apps' > 'Custom Apps'

3. From 'Apps' search for 'Kaleyra Click-to-Call'

4. Click on the 'Install' button

5. Fill in the required parameters and install the plug-in

The Kaleyra plug-in is successfully installed

Filling in the parameters

 - Click on 'profile settings'

 - Copy 'Your API Key' from here 

 - Paste API Key in 'Kaleyra CTI Settings' and you are done

Parameter 2: Voice Account API Key

 - Log in to the Kaleyra Voice Platform

 - From the main menu, click on ‘Developers’. Then click on the 'create new' icon to generate a new 

  API key. A new pop-up window will appear.

 - Enter the IP Address from which you can access the API. Once you enter the IP Address,

   you can access the API only from that IP. To access the API from anywhere, click on ‘Save’ without choosing any IP.

 - The API will be generated and sent to your registered email ID

 - Copy the API key from here and paste it in 'Kaleyra CTI Settings'

Parameter 3: Call Logs Limit

Choose the number of rows of call logs to be displayed on the screen. 

Parameter 4: Reminder for Upcoming Calls

Choose when to get the reminder for upcoming calls depending on your preference- 10,15, 20 minutes prior to the call. You can also choose to not get a reminder at all. If 15 seconds is selected, a reminder will pop-up on the screen 15 minutes before the call is scheduled. 

Parameter 5: Call first

Admin will be able to enable and disable the incoming calls for all the agents. By choosing 'customer or agent' you can decide who the call is routed to first. Once the leg 1 picks up the call, the call will then be connected to leg 2. 

Parameter 6: Freshdesk Ticket Note

*For Click-to-call from Freshdesk* (outgoing)

Choose if the notes saved for each call is private or public. Public notes can be used by all users of the platform once they log in. Private notes are only visible to the particular agent who has taken the call and saved the note. 

*For received on Freshdesk* (incoming)

Similarly, choose if you want the call notes to be public or private.  

Parameter 7: Select what you want to view on the screen

- Choose to allow/hide a pop-up on your agent's screen with incoming caller details

- Choose to allow/hide open recent tickets 

- Choose allow/hide pending recent tickets 

- Choose to allow/hide resolved recent tickets

- Choose to allow/hide closed recent tickets

Click Save. 

It is mandatory to have a work phone number and fill in its details in order to be able to make calls from Freshdesk.