1. Purpose

Using the Survey plugin, you may allow your customers to give their feedback overcall. Customers can provide their feedback after receiving an invitation or may call on DID number to give their feedback. Simply, the customer will listen to some questions and answer the respective questions after pressing some key(s). 


  1. Pre-Requisites

  • You must have active DID number on your Voice account.

  • You must have activated Survey Plugin from Admin panel for the user who wanted to leverage this plugin.

  • Your Survey should be in Active mode (Production) before rolling it to your customers. 

  1. Features

  • Using Survey plugin, customer can give their feedback on Call.

  • You may invite any of your customers to save their feedback against the questions

  • You may configure any type of question for your customers

  • You may easily skip a set of questions to jump to another question(s) but the customer will be on call.

  • You can test your feedback survey in ‘Testing’ mode and then only make this live to ‘Production’ mode. 

  1. Getting Started

5.1. Initial Setup

  1. Login to your Voice account here.  

  2. Go to Side Menu, Click on User Plugins. There, you will see all the plugins we are offering. Look for the ‘Survey’ plugin and click on the ‘Activate’ button.

  3. The support team will receive an email notification for activating this plugin. Our Support Team executive will further enable the same. 

  4. After this plugin got activated for your account, you may start configuring your surveys to capture your customers` inputs. 

5.2. Plugin Configuration

     a. Go to Side Menu