When your business launches a time-based service, and need call assistance for the same, you can create an IVR flow for that date and time through this widget

  1. Drag the ‘Datetime’ widget in to the call flow. From the dropdown in the “Advanced Timing” zone, Choose the Date range, date or day.

  2. Enter the range below by clicking on the relevant date ranges as shown in the image below. Let’s say you want to add the widget to specify a date range. Then you can add the ranges.

In case, you want to specify the availability in a specific day and timing, you can select the option ‘Date’ from the drop down.

You can also choose to assign a ‘From Date’. If your campaign needs to function only for the specific Date, you can simply specify the start date, as shown in the image below:

  1. Assign a functionality to the flow by dragging a widget to the datetime. For example, you can assign a “Dial” widget to redirect the call to the agent or “Play” widget to play a greeting or announcement.

  2. You can subsequently add another widget if the call arrives in the timings that do not match the above set specifications.