The Menu widget gives you an array of options to configure to your IVR flow. Set up what happens when a user calls on the IVR flow through a menu consisting of sub items. 

On dragging the ‘Menu’ widget to the IVR flow, you get to see the “menu prompt” zone. This zone gives you three options to play your IVR messages:

Option1: Read Text – The IVR plays the sound based on the text typed here. Click on “Read Text” to type your content and click ‘Save’.

Option2: Upload – As the name suggests, you can directly upload the file from your computer. Click on ‘Upload’ to upload files from your computer. The maximum size of the file that can be uploaded is 150 MB (.wav, .mp3 files are allowed).

Option3: Choose – If you’ve already used recordings previously, you can choose it from your local library. Choose file of your choice from the dropdown and click “Set as Recording”.

  1. The next part is to choose “Menu Options”. Now that we’ve chosen what must be played, we’ll have to define the key press functionality to the call. 

On pressing 1, add another widget. For example, we’ve chosen “Dial” widget and added the number to be connected upon request. 

  1. Repeat Menu on Keypress: If the user presses irrelevant or wrong keys, then you can choose to repeat the menu on specifying the user to input a key. If this is not required, you can simply add 0 to continue with the flow. You can specify the number of seconds to hold while the user inputs the numbers. 


When the caller didn't enter any keypress or invalid keypress, we can play a message for the caller.