Masking Plugin

End-to-end number masking solution to keep buyers and seller’s personal numbers private. Mask their calls through a bridge phone number powered by Kaleyra.

Plugin Configuration

  • Login to your Voice account.

  • Click on User Plugins in the main menu and then select Number masking.

Figure 1: User Plugins

  • Click on Config and it will redirect to the Masking module.

    Figure 2: Making listing

  • Click on Add New to configure Masking details

    Figure 3: Config Cod Details

  • Activate the plugin by checking the status option.

  • Provide a Title to the configuration.

  • Provide a unique Name to the configuration.

  • Provide the Validity in minutes for the Masking pair.

  • Select an Options for On Import.
    Do Nothing:
    Set the Existing records inactive: Means if any active pair existed then make them as inactive and insert a fresh active pair.
    Delete the existing records: Means if any pair existed then deletes that pair and insert a fresh active pair

  • Click on Save

  • Your configuration then lists under the Masking module.

    Figure 4: Edit/delete configuration

  • You can edit or delete your configuration from here.

  • Once you Save the Masking plugin configuration explained above an IVR is created in your account.

    Figure 5: Masking IVR

  • For masking new entry: Click on Developers(API) icon for getting the API URL

    Figure 6: Masking API option

  • Once you click on Develops icon it will open a popup containing the New making API URL.