With Vtiger-Voice integration you can put a number to your helpdesk and see all your conversations with customers get converted to tickets automatically. Furthermore, your customers can get the status of their tickets on the go.

Plugin Configuration

  • Login into Voice application

  • Click on User Plugins in the main menu and then select Vtiger

              Figure 1: User Plugins

  • Click on Config and select Add new configuration.

                Figure 2: Add new configuration 

  • Click on Add new configuration and provide the details.

Figure 3: configuration

  1. Activate the plugin by checking the status option

  2. Provide a Title to the configuration.

  3. Provide a unique name to the configuration

  4. Enter your Vtiger Username. (Click on the profile icon in your Vtiger account and get your Username).

  5. Enter your Vtiger UserAccess Key. (Click on the profile icon in your Vtiger account and select My Preferences to get your Access Key).

  6. Enter your Application URL (Where your Vtiger CRM HTTP host exists that URL. It must be publically accessible.)

  7. Choose an option for Add numbers to leads
    All means every number will add as Lead
    Unknown Contact means whichever the number not existed in Contacts
    none means it will not add numbers to Leads 

  8. Select Lead Duplicate for allowing to add duplicate Leads records

  9. Enter Ticket Confirmation SMS to send SMS to caller related to ticket information

  10. Enter Ticket Status SMS to send SMS to caller related ticket status

  • Click on Save

Your configuration list under the Vtiger section of User plugins

Figure 4: Edit/delete configuration

  •  You can edit or delete your configuration from here.

Once you save the Vtiger  plugin configuration explained above, an IVR is created in your account

Figure 5: Vtiger IVR